Hello! Welcome to our new project of equine permaculture in Andalucia, Spain!

After more than 18 years in Andalucia, it was only in 2016, when I stumbled over the concepts of permaculture and paddock trail and was immediately struck by it. That was finally the idea of what I wanted for my own piece of land here!

My little farm of 3 hectars is situated in a beautiful spot in rural Andalucia, close to 2 Nature Parks, Los Alcornocales and Sierra de Grazalema, and I am running a horse riding business from there for riding holidays and horse treks since 2008.

Though the surroundings are quite stunning, the farm itself is placed in an area of intense industrial agriculture, with the unevitable results of deforestation, soil degradation, erosion and desertification.

And now I hopefully found the tools to repair all this and rebuild a functionating ecosystem again, where horses, nature and we ourselfs can prosper! You are welcome to join us on this journey, simply following our blog posts or adopting a tree for our project! 🙂

About us:

Conny is living in Andalucia for more than 18 years now and since 2008 running the horse riding business

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